Wishes make compost.

So another year has passed, huh. Amazing how quickly time goes by. I don’t know about you, but I find it rather disturbing. I suppose as you hit 40, then 45+ you begin to see your future a little differently. I used write down my New Year’s Resolutions right before midnight on New Year’s Eve, after having too many drinks. I have always believed in setting myself up for success.

These days as a middle-ager, I have the mindset of picking a few things that will stick. Things that will become a part of my daily routine, a part of life rather than a short-lived challenge.

This past year has been an interesting one. We have a new “President”, both kids are in middle school, my car got towed for the very first time since I’ve been driving, I cut out a lot of carbs and I’m eating a little differently which resulted in me being able to sit comfortably, my photography business continues to grow, I got lice for the first time (and hopefully it’ll be my last), I am going through a divorce (Wait, what?  We are actually doing great through all of this. For real.), and I’m going on year two without a working radio in my car. It has been a very eye-opening and a lot of firsts kind of year.

Back to New Year’s Resolutions…booooo. I don’t believe in them. Instead, I am choosing to ring in the year to reset. Reset most everything I have been used to for the past two decades. Not sure what this all means, but I am ready to live in the moment. Try not to get bogged down in the day-to-day routine (this will be a hard one). Dig myself out of ruts. Challenge myself to break out of my comfortable – or maybe uncomfortable – self. Think differently.

An event on New Year’s Eve made me think about whether or not writing down resolutions or wishes really mean anything. A group of friends gathered on Whidbey Island to celebrate the end of 2017 (thank God) and to welcome in 2018. We had a Chinese lantern that you light and it floats off into space with all of your wishes for the New Year. And then you live happily ever knowing every wish and resolution will come true. Someone up there will make sure of it, right? So all 12 of us wrote our personal wishes down on separate pieces of paper and placed them into the lantern. Lighting the lantern took longer than expected because it was apparently being weighed down. Like it was literally being weighed down by our wishes. Those happy, my life will rock, I’m dropping 10 pounds, positive-changes wishes. They were just too much for our lantern of hope to fly. Soon after we discovered this, they started to fall out, scattering onto the bushes below. It was like the New Year’s Resolution Committee spoke to us. “Nope, not gonna happen.” “Next.” “Sorry Kerry, maybe next year. I know you had shitty year but ya…anyway….” You get the picture.  After recovering from seeing our wishes being rejected one by one, the lantern was in the air. It was bright, beautiful and floated resolution and wish-free into space.  As I looked down our wishes flocking the shrub below, I realized they were just words on a piece of paper. Just like my old resolutions of: exercising 4x a week (mmhmm), cut down on drinking (right) think positively! (whatever) were all words on paper. They were very short-lived changes that I attempted to make. They were the reoccurring hopes and dreams that would come to mind at 11:55PM on NYE.

So what if my wish is slowly becoming compost on beautiful Whidbey Island. At least I know I have a few this year that I am fully behind. Ones that I believe in and want to last a lifetime.

Happy 2018. May this year be – as the kids say – lit.



  1. by Sandra Hearn on January 11, 2018  9:23 pm Reply

    Really great post Kerry. I hate resolutions, so this works for me! It makes it way easier to wake up each day (all year long) and choose what we want it to be. Happy everything to you on 2018!

    • by Kerry on January 12, 2018  12:39 pm Reply

      Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. by Robyn Fean on January 12, 2018  2:46 pm Reply

    Jon just said, “Man, who knew she could write so well? That’s really good!” . Great post Kerry! Happy 2018! We miss you all!!

    • by Kerry on January 12, 2018  3:27 pm Reply

      Thanks! Tell Jon I'm glad he's finally catching on. haha. Happy New Year to you guys. You are still sorely missed. It's not the same without you.

  3. by James Martin on January 18, 2018  4:58 am Reply

    You're such a great writer, Kerry! Happy 2018! Less drinking? When I would I wear my Atari shirt??

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