We’ve got the moves.

In May, I caught up with Kate and Meg (and their parents) at the UW. Although it was rather cold out, they were troopers. Meg even managed to keep her white jeans clean until the very end. What I enjoyed was the quick moments in between shots. The girls would quickly strike a pose and make the funniest facial expressions. A gift passed down from their parents. For sure.
As we walked around campus, I quickly realized that it had been a long time since I was a student at the U. Memories from the ‘olden days’ began to cross my mind. The many classes I struggled to stay awake in and the computer lab I’d visit my senior year. Yes, the computer lab. That lab came in handy as my state-of-the-art word processor just didn’t cut it. Luckily for Kate and Meg, they’ll have their own laptops, phones and who knows what else by the time they are college bound.

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