Wait, one more ‘dad’ to show off.

Well, he’s technically my grandpa. Meet Hideo – 94 years young. Up until last year, he was living on his own and was driving. He’s a pretty amazing guy. He grew up in Tacoma and was called “the snake” in high school. Apparently, he was a good wrestler. Tiny, but quick and slick like a snake. After high school, he headed off to collage at the UW but had to leave school early due to the war. He and my grandma were sent to an internment camp in California, where they had their first child (that’d be my mom).
After the war they moved back to Seattle, he worked for Boeing, and at the age of 50 he climbed Mt. Rainier. After he retired he started working for a Japanese tour company, driving a small tour bus around town. He mostly drove Japanese tourists, but he’d occasionally find himself driving bands and hanging out at the Crocodile as he waited for them during rehearsal. He was in his late 70s. When I was in college he asked if I had heard of the band ‘Seven year bitch.’ I hadn’t, but he had apparently spent the afternoon with them, driving them to and from the Crocodile. He wasn’t impressed with their music.
Fast forward and he’s now a great grandpa. He still brings coins over for my kids piggy banks, gives them prizes he won in bingo and still loves to eat…a ton.
Here’s to you, Grandpa. Happy Father’s Day!

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