The sound of silence.

You often hear people say, “I just want peace and quiet.” Well I’m here to say, oh no you don’t.  I’ve been driving in my car which I lovingly refer to as the “Muppet Mobile” in silence for 2.5+ years. I’ve driven to Portland, Orcas Island, all over the Puget Sound…with the worst sound track ever – also known as – my thoughts. I hear every single noise my car makes, every new squeak and every heavy sigh I make. When people talk about a song on the radio, I am often at a complete loss. The last top 10 song I heard in my car was ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa. It’s been a while.

You may ask why my radio doesn’t work or why I’ve gone this long without one, but I won’t bore you with the details. Speaking of boring details, that reminds me of when I politely asked a friend why his pair of tennis shoes didn’t fit as well as his other pair. Asking because well, it was conversational. Not thinking I’d get the entire backstory on the thickness of his socks and how that makes those particular shoes fit differently.  Sorry, “Levin”. I realize you were politely answering my question. But although that part of the conversation was a bit dry, you had me in stitches when you got to the “well, the 1/4 thickness…” part of the story.

Back me and my thoughts. I do find it rather fitting that I’ve gone this long without a radio. I don’t think I realized that I needed or maybe even wanted silence. I unknowingly had therapy sessions in the car. My thoughts were shaping me. Changing me. And they made me realize something that I already know. I am weird. But Thank God the strangest thoughts that scurry through my head…make it out. This time with me, myself and I, also made me realize that I am becoming more comfortable with me. Strip away the noise, the distractions, The Black Panther soundtrack, and I’m left with me.

Life is busy. Kids are chatty. And needy. And can suck the living daylight out of you. But most of all, they are still their true, authentic selves. Loud and unfiltered. I really like that. And I’m ready to get back into the noise. I am ready for some music. I am looking for a new soundtrack for 2018. Not sure what it is. But I am going to get that stupid radio fixed this Spring. Because up until now,

No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence.



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