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  • Family of 5 Fun.

  • 4+1=5. There are two older brothers in Seattle that could not be any happier to have a new baby sister. During our session they were both very patient and loving with her. And were so excited to get a chance to hold her. What an exciting time for their family. I am happy that I was able to photograp[...]
  • Sophia.

  • I really enjoyed my time with Sophia and her parents. Sophia had lots of ideas. I love it when kids get into their photo sessions. It's a lot of fun. And often times, they really have some unique and creative thoughts on what to shoot. Thanks for making our session so much fun, Sophia. [...]
  • The Feetastic Fees.

  • Yep, it's official. Clara is now taller than me. And Miles is quickly catching up. I have joked about this before, but I will need to start bringing a ladder (or at least a step stool) with me. I mean, who wants photos from the bottom of their chin looking up? That's right, no one. The Feetastic Fee[...]
  • Class of 2012.

  • Watch out world. Here they come. Over the past few months, I met some really great seniors. They are all excited to move onto college and are full of optimism. So great to be around. Here is a sampling of soon-to-be high school graduates from Seattle, the east side and Kent. Best wishes on your last[...]
  • Erin & Colin.

  • I had a great outing with Erin, Colin and their family. I used to work with their mom years ago - and now I'm photographing her cute kids? How did that happen? Time flies when you're having fun. Take a look at this photogenic family!
  • Run like the wind.

  • A neighbor and friend of ours recently finished writing a book on ways to help kids manage stress. Here are just a few shots that we turned in with her book. Now the challenging part... patiently waiting to hear if her book get picks up by a publisher. Good luck, Sabine!