Headshots. They really do make a difference.

Don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera? You’re not alone. I mean who really is?  I’m certainly not. But as a photographer, here’s what I do know. There are a couple of key things that can make your time in front of the camera a huge success, and fun. Here’s what I need you to do. Read up and get ready for my Headshot Happy Hour sessions.

Time. The first several minutes in front of the camera are typically…awkward. You’re self-conscious, worried about your hair and make up and just plain nervous. This all plays into creating that big, forced smile – which isn’t you.  So I like to spend the first few minutes “practicing”.  I give a little direction, chat, laugh, and then something happens. Your body begins to relax and all of that unnecessary anxiety gets kicked to the curb. Phew.

Instead of being right next to your ears, your shoulders lower. Your smile isn’t forced and it becomes natural. It’s quite amazing to see. And then guess what happens? You start to suggest poses. You start feeling more confident and you begin morph into one of those celebrities on the red carpet. I’m partially joking. But it does happen more often that not, and it’s great.

The right photographer. It’s important to find the right photographer. Someone that is relaxed, easy-going, yet can provide helpful direction. Someone that can make you laugh and makes it easy to be yourself.

Examples? Here you go. These are just a few professionals that I’ve been lucky to photograph. You can be next. I’ll be updating mine in the next week. Wish me luck!






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