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  • The Man Who Made Himself A Name

  • I have been fortunate to see Shelby Earl perform in many different and unique settings. I originally saw her at Doe Bay years ago, and since then have seen her play in the woods on Whidbey Island in record low temps, perform at house shows and SMooCH, to last weekend's album release show at the Trac[...]
  • Happy 2016!

  • I hope you all had a wonderful 2015. It was a fun one for me. Branched out a little more and worked on a few commercial projects, took on a few more schools for my School Pics w/ a Twist sessions and as always, met a bunch of great people. On the non-business side of things, my 11-year old daughter [...]
  • The Lonesome Billies

  • So this is a bit overdue. But I'm on a mission to keep my blog current. So here we go! A couple of months ago I went to The Lonesome Billies out of Portland at the newly remodeled I heard their music a few times, and loved their sound. Johnny Cash came to mind. But not being[...]
  • New favorite group. Pickwick.

  • This would rank #2 on my "things I don't get to do as much after having kids." However this summer we were lucky enough to attend the Doe Bay Festival with a fun group of friends. In addition to camping with 11 kids and 9 adults (anyone over 21 years old qualified as an adult...level of maturity was[...]
  • So this is what all the fuss is about.

  • Finally saw The Head and the Heart perform. They have such a unique and refreshing sound - and I have been playing their CD non stop since we returned from Doe Bay. Scott reminded me of the Dido and Broken Bells phases that I went through. Those CDs played over and over. To mix things up, I also in[...]