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  • Fun under cherry blossoms.

  • I had the pleasure meeting Abigail, her parents and brand new baby brother Anders, earlier this Spring. Abigail was an incredibly patient and very willing participant during her session - especially since she was only 19-months old at the time! Pretty darn impressive.
  • Buddies for life.

  • There's nothing cuter than watching Romy's twin brother Finn, put his hand on her back guiding her to the tree where we're going to take a few more pictures. These two are so good together. I can just picture them 60 years from now still looking out for one another.
  • Nice jacket, little man.

  • Lucky me - I got to spend an afternoon with these two cute little dudes. Ervin was looking sharp for his photo session. He even got a compliment on his jacket from a complete stranger. His cousin Everett should have too. Look at that tie he's sporting!
  • Pretty darn cute trio.

  • Anika and her parents are one. They seem to really get and enjoy each other's company. What a great thing to have. They were all smiles even through some rain and lots of wind. You know, your typical Seattle Spring weekend!
  • Eva+Theo.

  • Had a good time hanging out with Eva & Theo again. Eva is becoming an even more experienced big sister. Theo is doing his best to keep up with Eva while trying to master the art of walking!
  • Sweet sisters.

  • I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with Katija and Delphine while they were out visiting from Denver. As with most kids, these two were a bit shy at first, but as time quickly passed there were plenty of silly times and giggles.
  • Full of love.

  • These Caputos have big hearts. And as they'll fully admit - a bit crazy (but in a good way). Never a dull moment with these four. And this year, instead of sending out Holiday cards, they decided to do Valentine's Day cards. Very fitting.
  • Davis pho-ive.

  • Pho-n, Pho-nominal, Unpho-gettable. That's how I would describe the Davis family in "pho"-n pho language (don't worry, I'll stop now). They're always a barrel of laughs, ready for (most) anything and refreshing. I think you'll be able to see their personalities come through in the pictures below. [...]
  • Dante and his pack.

  • Dante is a great dog that just so happens to belong to a great family. He's one lucky, happy and tough lab. Dante survived living with two cats and gracefully made it through the baby/toddler years with Gabrielle and Camille. Ever need a dog sitter? You know who to, the Bryant Dog Whisper[...]