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  • Emma.

  • I recently got to hang out with Emma and her dog Rambo. Since then, Emma has become a proud big sister to Gunnar. And now Rambo has another little person to compete with for food and attention. Unfortunately, the little people usually win. Sorry, Rambo (by the way, your face says it all in the last [...]
  • Secret mission.

  • Chloe & Charlie told their dad that they were heading out to the "grocery store" one morning. But instead, they headed across the W. Seattle Bridge and met me in Seattle for a quick photo shoot. So sneaky. Not only was the timing just right for Father's Day, but we also were able to capture Charlie'[...]
  • Fun under cherry blossoms.

  • I had the pleasure meeting Abigail, her parents and brand new baby brother Anders, earlier this Spring. Abigail was an incredibly patient and very willing participant during her session - especially since she was only 19-months old at the time! Pretty darn impressive.
  • Buddies for life.

  • There's nothing cuter than watching Romy's twin brother Finn, put his hand on her back guiding her to the tree where we're going to take a few more pictures. These two are so good together. I can just picture them 60 years from now still looking out for one another.
  • Nice jacket, little man.

  • Lucky me - I got to spend an afternoon with these two cute little dudes. Ervin was looking sharp for his photo session. He even got a compliment on his jacket from a complete stranger. His cousin Everett should have too. Look at that tie he's sporting!
  • Pretty darn cute trio.

  • Anika and her parents are one. They seem to really get and enjoy each other's company. What a great thing to have. They were all smiles even through some rain and lots of wind. You know, your typical Seattle Spring weekend!
  • Eva+Theo.

  • Had a good time hanging out with Eva & Theo again. Eva is becoming an even more experienced big sister. Theo is doing his best to keep up with Eva while trying to master the art of walking!
  • Sweet sisters.

  • I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with Katija and Delphine while they were out visiting from Denver. As with most kids, these two were a bit shy at first, but as time quickly passed there were plenty of silly times and giggles.