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  • First Mini Session of 2016.

  • It's officially February. To help welcome Spring, I am calling all kids to come to my first Mini Session of 2016 dressed up any way they'd like. Maybe it's their favorite Easter outfit, their very own hand-picked outfit, or a costume...surprise me! They can bring their favorite toy, stuffie or frien[...]
  • Family of 5 Fun.

  • 4+1=5. There are two older brothers in Seattle that could not be any happier to have a new baby sister. During our session they were both very patient and loving with her. And were so excited to get a chance to hold her. What an exciting time for their family. I am happy that I was able to photograp[...]
  • Charlotte & her cousins.

  • Since Charlotte's cousins were in town before the holiday rush, her mom decided to do some Christmas shopping by arranging a photo session with the three kids. And she managed to do that without anyone knowing. By the time Christmas rolled around, Charlotte's grandparents, and Aunt and Uncle had pic[...]
  • Smiley Davis.

  • I was one lucky gal that got to spend a morning with my new friend, Davis. He was attentive, curious and ready for the camera. What a breezy and fun morning!
  • sophia.

  • I know there are a lot of happy babies out there, but Sophia ranks pretty high on the happy meter with her bright eyes and smile. And if you were with me that day, you'd instantly know why she's loving life. Those happy genes came from Sophia's grandma, mom and aunt!
  • First outing for Charlotte.

  • At five days old, Charlotte was trying to figure out a few things. You just wonder what she was thinking as she opened her little eyes and looked around at the trees, the sky...and my camera. Little does she know, there were many friends and family members anxiously awaiting her arrival. Her first F[...]
  • Fun under cherry blossoms.

  • I had the pleasure meeting Abigail, her parents and brand new baby brother Anders, earlier this Spring. Abigail was an incredibly patient and very willing participant during her session - especially since she was only 19-months old at the time! Pretty darn impressive.
  • Eva+Theo.

  • Had a good time hanging out with Eva & Theo again. Eva is becoming an even more experienced big sister. Theo is doing his best to keep up with Eva while trying to master the art of walking!
  • Sam & Noah.

  • As I frequently mention, I love noticing subtle changes in kids after a few months pass. Prior to my most recent visit, I had last photographed Sam and Noah close to 7 months ago. In just those few months, Noah was sitting up and smiling, and Sam was chatty and could throw a baseball. He has an arm.[...]