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  • The rain isn't stopping some.

  • Even though we're tired of all of the rain (rumor has it even the umbrellas have had it), there was a group of ten that could careless about the windy and wet weather over the weekend. They were focused on Spring. The Spring Fling to be exact. I had so much fun photographing this group as they got r[...]
  • Happy 2016!

  • I hope you all had a wonderful 2015. It was a fun one for me. Branched out a little more and worked on a few commercial projects, took on a few more schools for my School Pics w/ a Twist sessions and as always, met a bunch of great people. On the non-business side of things, my 11-year old daughter [...]
  • Graduation. Just days away.

  • Happy Graduation to Maddie and the Class of 2014. 2014. (Wow. I was out of college when they were born. Yes, I'm bragging. It's awesome to be middle-aged. Really. Okay, maybe not. Still warming up to it). Anyway, these Seniors really are inspiring. I love the excitement in their eyes. And their enth[...]
  • Kyle.

  • I am always amazed when I see "kids" all grown up. I remember meeting Kyle when she was around nine years old. Right about the same age as my daughter is. And then boom. I'm photographing her Senior pictures? How did that much time quickly? Seeing Kyle was a nice reminder for me to slow th[...]
  • What just happened?

  • Meet Elliott - a Senior in high school and willing to have his Senior portraits taken. What a good sport.  It was a sunny Fall day. All was going as planned until his younger brother joined us. From that point on our session changed. We went from photographing the sharply-dressed Elliott, to a hot d[...]
  • Emma.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Emma a couple of months ago for her Senior photo session. What a bright, cheerful girl, full of energy. And to make sure everything went effortlessly, Emma brought her good friend Katie to help out.  Here's to a great rest of your Senior year, Emma!