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  • Jarrod, Anne & Nala.

  • This past summer I met Jarrod, Anne and their adorable dog, Nala. Although recently engaged, Anne seemed like she was well-prepared to begin planning their wedding. Not only has she known and dated Jarrod since junior high, she was also one of the most organized clients I've had to date. It was appa[...]
  • Happy Girl's Day (1 day early).

  • The Japanese Doll Festival (or Girl's Day) is held in Japan every March 3rd. In lieu of setting up traditional Japanese dolls, we decided to celebrate by dressing up our (male) bunny Coco, in one of Ella's American Girl doll's kimonos. What a lucky, lucky bunny.
  • A little rain won't hurt us.

  • Laina and her younger sister Marisa were troopers as they marched through the wet trails. But they didn't seem to mind one bit. And Laina apparently prepared for our session by showing us a few of her own poses. They were great. Here are a few shots from our day - including mom and dad, and dog Oakl[...]
  • Trains, planes and a wagon.

  • One year can make a big difference. Kids change so much. With Thomas & Pete they're growing like weeds - they'll soon be eye-level with me. And since pictures from this session won't be a surprise Holiday gift for their dad this year, he (along with their grandma) were able to join in the fun. [...]
  • Tickle the cat with Jack & Sophia at their flat.

  • And that's the end of my rhyme. Traveling abroad is great, but I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet new families and have them invite me into their homes or favorite parks to photograph their kids. And as luck would have it, Jack and Sophia (along with their cute British acce[...]
  • Quinn and Kaiya.

  • With a 9-month old daughter, you'd think Curt and Amy have their hands full. Quinn is such a great, easy-going baby. The type of baby that just takes a quick little nap when she's tired, and wakes up happy. Imagine that. But imagine also having a Great Dane. Yes that's a dog, not a horse.  Quinn's n[...]