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  • Happy 2016!

  • I hope you all had a wonderful 2015. It was a fun one for me. Branched out a little more and worked on a few commercial projects, took on a few more schools for my School Pics w/ a Twist sessions and as always, met a bunch of great people. On the non-business side of things, my 11-year old daughter [...]
  • Wait...2014 is a thing of the past?

  • Well that was quite a year. They say as you mature, time goes by faster.  First off, I am not maturing. That's for sure. Am I getting older? I suppose so. But I'd rather be immature. So there. 2014 was an exciting year.  It was a year of change, taking risks, and well, just plain fun. I met a lot[...]
  • It's all about Dragon.

  • Well, guess who's hogging all of the attention these days? Not the kids. Nope. It's Dragon, their fluffy dog. He's not only a hit at home, but he is often admired from afar during his walks throughout the neighborhood. Not sure if he knows it, but Dragon has it good.
  • Yep, they're really this happy in real life.

  • The Moore family of six (we can't leave out the dog) happens to be one of those families that make having three kids look way too easy. The kids are friends, they like hanging out with their parents and as a family, they work so well together. Moore family - I loved our time together!
  • Kylie & Hadley.

  • Look at this cute duo. And really, who am I kidding. Look at the entire family - including their four-legged friend. It was great meeting you guys. Kylie & Hadley, you guys did great!
  • Dante and his pack.

  • Dante is a great dog that just so happens to belong to a great family. He's one lucky, happy and tough lab. Dante survived living with two cats and gracefully made it through the baby/toddler years with Gabrielle and Camille. Ever need a dog sitter? You know who to, the Bryant Dog Whisper[...]
  • Jake.

  • Jake, you will certainly be missed. You were (and still are) such a big part of the Eleveld family. Glad you were able to be a part of these year-end pics with your favorite people.
  • The Kirby Family, now with more fluff.

  • And I'm not talking about Joe. Welcome Skipper. He's been with the Kirby family for a couple of years now, but this past Fall was the first time I got to meet him. He's a rescue dog with a little bit of a skip in his walk. Get it? Skip...Skipper? Grace and Gabby are now almost as tall as me (I say[...]