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  • How cute are they?

  • Balancing work, events, social schedules and school, the Rosenbergs have it down. When I think of them, the word " involved" comes to mind. Always looking for the next adventure and of course fun, this family is full of life.
  • The best laugh ever.

  • Fana is our 6 year old neighbor who makes me laugh when I hear her laugh. It's contagious. Not only does Fana have a great laugh, she and her brother Noel are two of the sweetest kids I know.
  • Grade 12. Make it a great one!

  • The first of three to graduate from high school, Christie is ready to pave the way for her younger brother and sister. And after showing me the bench she made with her parents for a junior high project and her grandfather's bell that stands in her front yard, I saw how important her family's role[...]
  • Five fingers, and one thumb.

  • How quickly time flies. Ella is six and is ready to rule the world...or maybe just our house...well actually just me. She is quick to laugh at and with her brother, loves her family and is really getting that pre-teen lingo down. Yikes!
  • Lauren in London

  • Meet Lauren, our neighbor that is currently living in London with her family. At the age of 6, she has already explored more of Europe than I have. But according to Lauren, "I don't travel much."  We were lucky enough to visit her and her family this Spring and had a jolly good time.
  • Summer(?) at the beach

  • We had it all planned, a sunny day at the beach on Whidbey Island. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, right? Well, the sun didn't show but the crabs sure did. What more could a 6 and 4 year old ask for?