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  • Headshot Happy Hour.

  • You've been putting it off, haven't you. It’s been a couple years (more like several) since you last updated your headshot. Maybe you think your current party pic still works (let's hope not). Or maybe you don’t think you look much different. Whatever the case may be, I am here to tell you that hav[...]
  • Pricing

  •   PRINT PACKAGES (one pose per package) Package A : $37 (2) 5x7 (4) 3.5x5 (8) wallets (8) mini wallets   Package B: $47 (1) 8x10 (2) 5x7 (4) 3.5x5 (8) wallets (8) mini wallets   ALA CARTE PRINTS* *Available with print package or digital purcha[...]
  • It's time for something different!

  • How it works. Kerry Carty Photography provides schools with marketing and messaging for your families, manages and handles gallery distribution, online orders, and delivers print orders to your school. It's seamless, fun and creative: ONLINE ORDERING & PAY[...]
  • School Pics w/a Twist!

  • Welcome! Tired of those classic, overly posed school photos that you always feel like you have to buy?  Well, I'm happy to let you know there’s another option that you’ll fall in love with! It’s easy to do. Just get your school signed up for a Fall or Spring School Pics w/a Twist session. Unlike t[...]
  • Don't let me plan your next excursion.

  • I apologize in advance. Please don't take the following personally if you're from Ocean Shores, WA or Hilo, HI.  But Hilo is the Ocean Shores of Hawaii. There, I said it. I said I'd never do it again. But I did. I made the drive to Hilo. I did however, make an exception since this was the first t[...]
  • The sound of silence.

  • You often hear people say, "I just want peace and quiet." Well I'm here to say, oh no you don't.  I've been driving in my car which I lovingly refer to as the "Muppet Mobile" in silence for 2.5+ years. I've driven to Portland, Orcas Island, all over the Puget Sound...with the worst sound track e[...]
  • Oh, I didn't recognize you...

  •                           Who loves to get their picture taken? Hello?  Anyone? Well luckily for you, I've found a way to get over that hump. Everyone should update their headshot from [...]
  • Wishes make compost.

  • So another year has passed, huh. Amazing how quickly time goes by. I don’t know about you, but I find it rather disturbing. I suppose as you hit 40, then 45+ you begin to see your future a little differently. I used write down my New Year's Resolutions right before midnight on New Year's Eve, af[...]