A little about me.

Thank you for stopping by! I’m so glad you did. I’m a Seattle-area photographer that strives to capture authentic and natural photos that show the real you. My sessions are relaxed and creative. If you’re looking for that, you’re in luck! It’s guaranteed to be a fun and collaborative experience. 

A little more about me: 

  • I’ve been shooting all of my life but decided to follow my passion and do it professionally eight years ago. Before that, I was immersed in the advertising world, managing and creating campaigns for businesses.
  • I have two teenaged kids that keep me young but in a hot second can make me feel soooo old.
  • We have a black lab that always sides with me. He knows who feeds and walks him. He’s smart like that.
  • I connect well with people – which served me well in advertising, and continues to do so in photography.
  • Most photographers have the technical side down. But one thing that can’t be taught is your “eye”. It defines your style, and brings creativity and a voice to your photography. Take a look at my portfolio to see mine.
  • I use natural light with most of my photography so your home, favorite park or any other Seattle-area is a great place to meet.

If you have any other questions, please contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you,