It’s just the garbage.

Ella left for school this morning frustrated because I wouldn’t let her leave until she took out the garbage. The garbage that she said she’d take out yesterday.
A few minutes passed before Griz and I left to chase after her. She’s almost 13, in middle school, involved in sports after school, and is very social. I often forget how tough being a teenager must be these days. I mean, the number of people she needs to get back to on Snapchat is demanding. Every minute she is being alerted to get back to a friend with a blurry picture, silly face or random object. That takes time, people. The constant pressure to be on top of it, respond to everyone in lightning-speed fashion…is stressful. And on top of this, this is all happening while she is supposed to be doing homework. No wonder she doesn’t have time to bring her cups and bowls down from her room, take out the garbage or even make eye contact with us from time to time at home. After admitting how I now finally understand why she doesn’t have time to take out a bag of garbage and why I might be asking too much of her, she smirked and shook her head. For a moment in time, we were on the same page.

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