Monthly archives:October 2013

  • Madeline & Owen.

  • These two made me smile. They reminded me a lot of my daughter and son. Madeline was fairly quiet, followed directions and helped keep her brother focused at the shoot. Now they both did really great, but Madeline's look at times were priceless. And Owen - like most little brothers ran around the pa[...]
  • Kyle.

  • I am always amazed when I see "kids" all grown up. I remember meeting Kyle when she was around nine years old. Right about the same age as my daughter is. And then boom. I'm photographing her Senior pictures? How did that much time quickly? Seeing Kyle was a nice reminder for me to slow th[...]
  • Eli & Benji.

  • Eli had his silly face mastered. Had a fun afternoon running around the park with Eli and his little brother, Benji. Sessions are not easy for parents of toddlers (especially a one and three year old) but Cortney & Shay, you did great!
  • Wedding bliss.

  • I was fortunate enough to photograph Michaela & Ryan's engagement and wedding photos. Now I typically don't market myself as a wedding photographer, but I couldn't say no to Michaela. Michaela is an amazing person, and a fantastic Kindergarten teacher. And to top it all off, her husband Ryan is [...]
  • Yep, they're really this happy in real life.

  • The Moore family of six (we can't leave out the dog) happens to be one of those families that make having three kids look way too easy. The kids are friends, they like hanging out with their parents and as a family, they work so well together. Moore family - I loved our time together!
  • Kylie & Hadley.

  • Look at this cute duo. And really, who am I kidding. Look at the entire family - including their four-legged friend. It was great meeting you guys. Kylie & Hadley, you guys did great!
  • Smiley Davis.

  • I was one lucky gal that got to spend a morning with my new friend, Davis. He was attentive, curious and ready for the camera. What a breezy and fun morning!