Monthly archives:June 2013

  • Emma.

  • I recently got to hang out with Emma and her dog Rambo. Since then, Emma has become a proud big sister to Gunnar. And now Rambo has another little person to compete with for food and attention. Unfortunately, the little people usually win. Sorry, Rambo (by the way, your face says it all in the last [...]
  • Stylin'.

  • A few weeks ago Adam, his mom Ann, and his wife Whitney met me at the Sculpture Park. Take a look at the three of them. Sharp dressers, huh. Boy did I feel frumpy. But I soon got over that as soon as I reminded myself that I wasn't going to be in any of their pictures. These three were so easy goin[...]
  • First outing for Charlotte.

  • At five days old, Charlotte was trying to figure out a few things. You just wonder what she was thinking as she opened her little eyes and looked around at the trees, the sky...and my camera. Little does she know, there were many friends and family members anxiously awaiting her arrival. Her first F[...]
  • Secret mission.

  • Chloe & Charlie told their dad that they were heading out to the "grocery store" one morning. But instead, they headed across the W. Seattle Bridge and met me in Seattle for a quick photo shoot. So sneaky. Not only was the timing just right for Father's Day, but we also were able to capture Charlie'[...]