Monthly archives:February 2013

  • Full of love.

  • These Caputos have big hearts. And as they'll fully admit - a bit crazy (but in a good way). Never a dull moment with these four. And this year, instead of sending out Holiday cards, they decided to do Valentine's Day cards. Very fitting.
  • Davis pho-ive.

  • Pho-n, Pho-nominal, Unpho-gettable. That's how I would describe the Davis family in "pho"-n pho language (don't worry, I'll stop now). They're always a barrel of laughs, ready for (most) anything and refreshing. I think you'll be able to see their personalities come through in the pictures below. [...]
  • Dante and his pack.

  • Dante is a great dog that just so happens to belong to a great family. He's one lucky, happy and tough lab. Dante survived living with two cats and gracefully made it through the baby/toddler years with Gabrielle and Camille. Ever need a dog sitter? You know who to, the Bryant Dog Whisper[...]
  • On the move.

  • Jonathan is one quick little guy. Those little legs were really cruising during our shoot. And not too surprisingly, Jonathan didn't seem to mind that it was raining outside. What little kid doesn't like stomping in puddles?
  • Jake.

  • Jake, you will certainly be missed. You were (and still are) such a big part of the Eleveld family. Glad you were able to be a part of these year-end pics with your favorite people.
  • Buddies for life.

  • Spencer, Campbell and Bennett: brothers and yep, buddies. Let me just say, these three truly enjoy each other's company. And did I say, they're brothers?  It's alway nice to see siblings having fun, chasing one another around, and watching the youngest - in this case, Bennett - trying to keep up his[...]
  • Caden & Mackenzie.

  • This year Caden, Mackenzie and I got to hang out - just the three of us. Oh, and we took some pictures too. As you can see, we had a pretty good time. Lots of laughs were had, but we were also able to squeeze in a few serious moments too.