Monthly archives:January 2013

  • The Kirby Family, now with more fluff.

  • And I'm not talking about Joe. Welcome Skipper. He's been with the Kirby family for a couple of years now, but this past Fall was the first time I got to meet him. He's a rescue dog with a little bit of a skip in his walk. Get it? Skip...Skipper? Grace and Gabby are now almost as tall as me (I say[...]
  • The Peng Family.

  • After a few straight days of rain, rain and more rain (classic Seattle weather - except for our two warm months: August and September), I met up with Avery, Charlotte and Clara for the one day that gave us a break in the weather. I think those three brought the warm and sunny Fall day with them. Ma[...]
  • Sam & Noah.

  • As I frequently mention, I love noticing subtle changes in kids after a few months pass. Prior to my most recent visit, I had last photographed Sam and Noah close to 7 months ago. In just those few months, Noah was sitting up and smiling, and Sam was chatty and could throw a baseball. He has an arm.[...]
  • The Nelson 5.

  • It is so much fun watching these kids grow. Keller is in Kindergarten, Hadley will now talk to me (I used to get her shy look and for a while couldn't remember what her little voice sounded like...I'd like to think she was shy, and it wasn't me), and Tate is now walking around. As for their dad Mar[...]
  • 2+2+1+one more on the way=6 in just a few months.

  • Talk about busy! Each time I photograph this family, there are more and more kids. In less than four years Carrie went from having 0 grandchildren to quickly enjoying five. And what's even more special is the fact that these kids get to hang out with their great grandma too. Needless to say, there w[...]
  • Matthew, Anna and cousin Hayley.

  • I think this might be year three for these three. They are always so much fun to photograph. Free spirited, full of laughs and yes, very entertaining. Hayley is almost as tall as I am now...and just so you know, I am purchasing more shoes with heels. It's going to be a sad day when these kids (inclu[...]
  • Little Lucy.

  • Just six days old, and Lucy was in her first photo shoot! She was a trooper, and so were her parents. They already seemed well-adjusted (even being sleep deprived), and it was obvious they were loving their new jobs as parents. Congratulations!
  • It's in their genes.

  • It was difficult narrowing down this family's set of photos. Talk about photogenic. Take a look - see what I mean? Keller and Finley (and their parents) made their session a breeze.
  • Awesome Audrey.

  • Earlier this Fall I met a new friend, Audrey. I had a lot of fun hanging out with her and her parents. She's such a bubbly little girl with some pretty great hair and a contagious smile. Take a peek!