Monthly archives:November 2012

  • The most memorable session (so far).

  • It was a blazing hot summer day, when I ventured out with the Sexton family for a photo session. Due to the record high temp, we decided to move our shoot to Ravenna Park where we could find a little shade. What a relief it was...until we approached a man with a large burlap sack...holding three boa[...]
  • Jarrod, Anne & Nala.

  • This past summer I met Jarrod, Anne and their adorable dog, Nala. Although recently engaged, Anne seemed like she was well-prepared to begin planning their wedding. Not only has she known and dated Jarrod since junior high, she was also one of the most organized clients I've had to date. It was appa[...]
  • Happy (belated) first birthday, Bennett.

  • Not too long ago, I met Bennett who had just celebrated his first birthday.  What a great age. They're just starting to walk, full of curiosity and they often give you a look that makes you wonder...'what are they thinking?'  'Are the sounds I make to get them look my way as irritating as they sound[...]
  • Jax.

  • Volleyball, SATs, ASB, homework...phew, this Senior is sure busy. In fact she's so busy she has to find time to squeeze some down time with friends. Wow, I'm starting to feel like I was a slacker my Senior year. I think Jax is set for a successful future ahead.
  • Nice job, Eric.

  • Now I realize having senior pics taken one day after school is most likely not on the top of any guy's list. In fact, I'm willing to bet it's not on their But Eric's mom should feel extra special. Eric said he was taking his Senior pictures for his mom. He knew how much she wanted h[...]