Monthly archives:October 2012

  • f5 (fabulous fox family)

  • One recent afternoon, I met up with the Fox Family to squeeze in family pics in between after school activities. Very comfortable and fun in front of the camera, this family of five made taking family portraits look like a breeze. Here's proof.
  • The Stowell Family

  • In August I headed up to Whidbey Island to meet the Stowell Family. On vacation from Utah, the family of six was out enjoying time on the island while visiting some family. I really enjoyed my time with them. As you can see, they are incredibly photogenic - but are also so much fun to be around. [...]
  • Caleb.

  • Client, friend, co-worker & now fellow-mom. I remember going to meetings at Beth's office, the passing of her office goldfish, hearing about the amazing trips she's been on, being at her wedding and now? Now I get to photograph her, her husband John AND son Caleb. Pretty darn exciting. So there [...]