Monthly archives:July 2012

  • I'm 8.

  • I'm not sure when this happened, but it seems as though a preteen has moved into our house. That's right. The little girl that was so excited to get Dora underpants from Santa has moved on. At eight, Ella is really into music. "Great" music like One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. She al[...]
  • Anna Banana is 3.

  • Not only is Anna the youngest of three, she is the lone cute girl. But don't let that fool you. She's no push over. In fact, she is ready to take on...the World. Anna is full of life. At three, she is strong, driven, charismatic and focused. Fast forward 25 years, and Anna will surely be successfu[...]
  • St. Jude Shower of Stars Gala

  • I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity again to photograph St. Jude's gala at the Seattle Design Center. Heading into their second year in Seattle, it was great to see some of St. Jude's 'spokeschildren' again, along with this year's special guest, Warren Moon. What a great night, for a g[...]
  • Tai & Justine.

  • I recently had the pleasure of photographing Tai - the two year old with the brightest smile around. His face says it all. He is happy and thrilled to be two and was excited that his pal Justine could could join in the fun.