Monthly archives:January 2012

  • Seriously.

  • Look at them. What beautiful girls. I met Sophie last year, and this year got to meet her sister, Lucy. Almost a year old, Lucy already looks up to her big sister, and is thoroughly entertained by her.  It was a great visit and I look forward to watching these girls grow.
  • Ryley.

  • A last minute Holiday shoot at the Union Bay Wetlands turned into a fun morning splashing in puddles, exploring all of the wildlife and oh ya, we took a few photos too.
  • 2+2=4.

  • Just a year ago, Ryan and Kenji were the only grandkids in the family. But one year later two more grandkids have been added to the mix. Meet Cash (Kenji's little brother) and Emma. Are their grandparents excited? Of course. There is so much positive energy, fun and laughter in the house, it's hard [...]
  • He's back!

  • This time Charlie brought along Dodo the Monkey and his fabulous parents. We had a great time wandering around Pike Place Market during the holidays. It was so festive that even pigs were pulling Santa's sleigh.
  • Nima & Kiran.

  • It was a clear but cold day when I met little Nima and Kiran. These two brothers were dressed to impress, and did a stellar job during their photo session. Their grandma joined us for a few pictures, and I'm glad she did. I love photographing grandparents with their grandchildren. Gotta have them. B[...]
  • Happy together.

  • At five months, Colton & Julia are doing just great. They're always aware of one another and unlike most siblings, they don't seem to be bothered when one is tugging, grabbing or rolling on or over the other. I guess that's why twins are often so close with one another. Infants are a lot of work, [...]
  • The Lenington girls (and Nick!).

  • It's always fun to reconnect with friends from the 'olden' days. Rachel and Nick were our neighbors when we lived in Wallingford, back when we were both kid-free. Back when we just had to worry about ourselves and our dogs, when we took our time on house projects and chatted it up whenever we wanted[...]
  • Bobby, Johnny & Kate.

  • Had lots of fun with Bobby, Johnny & Kate. Especially during the silly portion of our shoot. Glad we were able to get a few photos with Grandpa Bob, and of course their old pal, Jake the dog.