Monthly archives:December 2011

  • What are ya looking at?

  • Now at the ripe age of 6 months, Gilbert is beginning to wonder why everyone always looks at him. Why they're in his personal space, making funny faces and noises. Odd noises. Well Gilbert, you better get used to it. Your in the 100th percentile in the "cute" category.
  • The Magnificent Mayfields.

  • Thoughtful? Check. Welcoming? Check. Polite? Check. Great neighbors? Check. Good friends? Check. Don't be jealous, but we probably have two of the most caring and considerate kids on the block (and no, I'm not talking about my kids). Meet Caden and Mackenzie. Our kids are lucky to have such great r[...]
  • Feetastic.

  • When I think of the Feetastic Fees, giggling comes to mind. Yep. Giggling. I also think of them as "good, solid people." I sound old when I say that, but it's true (the good, solid comment...not the old part). I also love the fact that Clara and Miles wanted to wear their outfits from a wedding the[...]
  • Max & Lily.

  • A great Fall morning was spent with Max, Lily and their family. Max lead the charge and had lots of fun exploring. While his grandma kept busy popping out from behind trees, keeping the kids entertained and in fine form during their session. What teamwork!
  • A little rain won't hurt us.

  • Laina and her younger sister Marisa were troopers as they marched through the wet trails. But they didn't seem to mind one bit. And Laina apparently prepared for our session by showing us a few of her own poses. They were great. Here are a few shots from our day - including mom and dad, and dog Oakl[...]
  • Trains, planes and a wagon.

  • One year can make a big difference. Kids change so much. With Thomas & Pete they're growing like weeds - they'll soon be eye-level with me. And since pictures from this session won't be a surprise Holiday gift for their dad this year, he (along with their grandma) were able to join in the fun. [...]
  • Back by popular demand.

  • Here they are, one year later. I am convinced that I'm going to have to start bringing a ladder around with me. These kids, especially Grace and Gabby are growing like weeds (or I am shrinking). I was entertained by the Kirby family. Not in the "entertained" kind of way, but I really did have fun. [...]
  • The Aoyama Brothers.

  • Don't let those cute faces fool you. They have moves! Very quick ones, I must admit. Jens did his best to keep up and act just like his big brother Davin. They are quite the duo, wouldn't you say?