Monthly archives:November 2011

  • He's here!

  • At just five days old, Tate was wide awake and ready for his photo session. I am still amazed at how active newborns can be. And as we discovered during our session, Tate's digestive system was in full gear. No problems there! Keller and Hadley looked they had been training to be the "older" siblin[...]
  • The many faces of the Brewers.

  • Can't help but smile, can you. Are they funny, or what? As you can see, there were lots of laughs during our session. And like last year, Matthew and Anna brought their cousin Hayley along - and she somehow managed to keep up with them. Never a dull moment with those Brewers!
  • The Whelan sisters.

  • Almost a year old now, Ragen is doing her best to keep up with her older sisters. Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, they are all on the move. Now that I've photographed their family a few times, I appreciate the fact that they essentially set me loose in their house. Our sessions are v[...]
  • Meet the Magnificent Macallan.

  • Lots of smiles, love and laughs (oh, and barks from their two dogs) were had at little six month-old Macallan's house. She even showed me her new move that she recently picked up. It looked much like she was shaking her head no...but only with a smile! I'm sure she's working on her next move: "the c[...]