Monthly archives:August 2011

  • Camping bonanza.

  • As mentioned in my previous post, we celebrated mid-summer with a five day camping trip with 11 kids and 9 adults. We had an amazing time - and as Matt would say we were, "making memories...". But mid-way through our trip, tent fever began to set in. Costumes were found...
  • New favorite group. Pickwick.

  • This would rank #2 on my "things I don't get to do as much after having kids." However this summer we were lucky enough to attend the Doe Bay Festival with a fun group of friends. In addition to camping with 11 kids and 9 adults (anyone over 21 years old qualified as an adult...level of maturity was[...]
  • So this is what all the fuss is about.

  • Finally saw The Head and the Heart perform. They have such a unique and refreshing sound - and I have been playing their CD non stop since we returned from Doe Bay. Scott reminded me of the Dido and Broken Bells phases that I went through. Those CDs played over and over. To mix things up, I also in[...]
  • Tickle the cat with Jack & Sophia at their flat.

  • And that's the end of my rhyme. Traveling abroad is great, but I feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet new families and have them invite me into their homes or favorite parks to photograph their kids. And as luck would have it, Jack and Sophia (along with their cute British acce[...]
  • Holland Park, London - Athos, Sophia & Ariadne.

  • First off, I never realized how massive and beautiful a park could be until I walked through Holland Park. And what made it even better was meeting Athos, Sophia & Ariadne. ¬†Even though I was running late (did I mention how big the park was?), the kids were great and ready to have some fun. [...]