Monthly archives:July 2011

  • Tiny Thomas.

  • Before we left on our trip to London, an old friend of mine happened to be in town from an area just outside of London. It was her three month-old son Thomas' first trip to Seattle to visit his grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. He had lots of people to see and I feel fortunate that I was able t[...]
  • Quinn and Kaiya.

  • With a 9-month old daughter, you'd think Curt and Amy have their hands full. Quinn is such a great, easy-going baby. The type of baby that just takes a quick little nap when she's tired, and wakes up happy. Imagine that. But imagine also having a Great Dane. Yes that's a dog, not a horse.  Quinn's n[...]
  • So many cars. So much imagination.

  • The theme of the day: cars. If they weren't playing with their cars,  you could find Alex and Cameron driving their plastic cars around the backyard. A great morning was spent with this cute family of four at their beautifully remodeled Seattle home.  Look out for them at a theatre near you...showin[...]
  • Olivia.

  • It's always so great to be with families that truly enjoy every minute they have together. And luckily for me, this was the case hanging out with Olivia and her parents.
  • And playing the "____ American Tourists"...

  • A fabulous time was had in London visiting our friends Jodi & Matt, and their two daughters. It's hard to believe they've been living abroad for nearly four years. Although we'd rather have them back as neighbors, it's sure fun visiting them. In addition to vacationing, I was also fortunate eno[...]