Monthly archives:May 2011

  • Letter of the month, "G".

  • G is for Gilbert. Just a few short months ago I photographed his parents as they anxiously awaited their big day. And on May 9th, Gilbert decided that would make a great birth date. Surrounded by lots of love and a closet full of sporty shoes and superhero tees, Gilbert has already won the "2011 Mos[...]
  • Charlie & his 7 iron.

  • At the age of eleven, Charlie started golfing and has been hooked ever since. He spends many of his weekends competing in out of state tournaments, and recently made the decision to continue playing golf in college. The youngest of four, Charlie will be graduating from high school in just a few week[...]
  • Charlie, Bubba & Bubba.

  • I secretly met Charlie in April to take a few pictures of him for his mom's birthday and Mother's Day. His dad Steve had it all pulled together. He brought a few changes of clothes for Charlie, hid M&Ms in his snacks, and brought Charlie's favorite pals, Bubba & Bubba. These three were inseparable. [...]
  • $550,000 and counting.

  • Events like Japan's earthquake and tsunami can change everything in a matter of minutes. With relatives living near Tokyo, we luckily were able to connect with all of them the following day. Our cousin drove over 24 hours round trip to pick up his 12 year old son, stranded at a train station. Fo[...]
  • Can we watch a moooovie?

  • Since Emily has spent nearly all three years of her life in London,  it shouldn't surprise me that she is picking up a bit of a British accent. But every time I'd hear her ask where her 'trousers' were or ask to watch a 'moooovie', I'd find myself giggling and asking, "Who invited Austin Powers?" Em[...]