Monthly archives:April 2011

  • Cheerio.

  • During their visit from London, Lauren and Emily were lucky enough to experience the one rain-free morning that we had in weeks. What great timing. Not only was it dry but the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, so we made our way to the UW. It was really great spending time with them, and I'm looki[...]
  • Superpowers....Activate.

  • What will he have? The ability to sleep through the night on day one, skip the diaper stage altogether, or maybe he'll be tantrum-free...oh how great would that be? ¬†Regardless of what superpower this little kid will have, he's destined to be creative and have his own unique way of looking at life. [...]
  • I'm India, and I just turned two.

  • The littlest one on the block, India does her best to keep up with the five and seven year know, the older kids. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell her friends what she thinks. India is the superstar on her street and can often be found with a crowd of neighbor friends push[...]
  • Whirlwinds.

  • I recently had the opportunity to photograph Whirlwinds' new preschool facility to help showcase their space and update some photos on their website. During my time there, I couldn't help but notice how bright, open, creative and structured it was. The kids were having a fun, and I had a great time [...]
  • Blankie vs. Star Wars

  • The love for both is very telling. Approaching his fifth birthday in a week, Ethan is often torn between the comfort of his blanket he's had since day one, and his new love for everything Star Wars. Instead of being the little, chubby toddler waddling around, Ethan is now a kid. Instead of hovering [...]