Monthly archives:February 2011

  • The Horn family of 3.95.

  • By now, the Horn family is really, really close to being a family of four.  With her nails nicely polished, princess dress and shoes on, and her wonderful curly hair, little Sophie was quite ready for our photo session and for her baby sister to arrive. I had fun spending the morning at their house,[...]
  • Stylin' Sully.

  • During my days at DNA Seattle, I was lucky enough to run into Sean. From the minute I first met him during his interview, I could just tell he was a good  guy. Since then, he married Brandy, and is now the proud father of Sullivan. See? Good things do happen to good people. Thanks to Sully's parents[...]
  • Ryan Star.

  • I recently had an opportunity to photograph one of STAR 101.5's Star Lounge performances. This time, Ryan Star was performing for a small group of 40. I don't get out to see music performances very often anymore, so this was great fun. For an hour of so I was able to get away and pretend like I was [...]
  • Auntie Mo.

  • This is my Great Auntie Mo who happens to be my mom's aunt, my grandparent's sister-in-law, Bill's mom (pictured in the last photo) and cousins' grandma. One day while Bill was visiting from Washington D.C., our family cornered him at breakfast and convinced him to take a few pictures with his mom. [...]
  • Go Huskies & Cougs (kind of).

  • Thanks to Ben, Jodie is no longer alone. Another Coug has entered the Davis household. Although Ben may still be on the fence, he did pick out a Coug tee.  The other three, Matt, Joe and Millie don't really give the color crimson the time of day. And Anna? Only time will tell. Regardless of what tea[...]
  • This call was different.

  • It was great to hear from Maryjane. As an ex-client of mine, I knew our conversation wasn't going to be centered around input on creative we just presented, or checking in to see where that ad is that she was supposed to review...oh, a few hours ago. This time, we talked about photographing her fami[...]