Monthly archives:January 2011

  • Howzit?

  • That's as far as I'm going to go with dat pidgin talk. Don't want to come across as a true Haole. But how can I not? I live in Seattle, where it rained on every major holiday in 2010. Even Seafair...which isn't even an official holiday. We try to make it to Hawaii every other year or so. The last th[...]
  • The Three Amigos.

  • There are days when I feel like I am constantly picking up little lego pieces, jackets, shoes and finding little treasures in odd places. Treasures like discovering a half eaten chocolate glazed donut under the arm rest in our car.  But then, there are days when I meet people like Arlene - mom of Jo[...]
  • Baby brother.

  • Alice and Celia can't hide their pride about being big sisters of little Griffin. He is one lucky kid. Not only does he have great parents, but he has two sweet sisters who look after him. Especially when it's Mom or dad's birthday, and Mother's and Father's Day.  His sisters will have everything fi[...]
  • What makes Hawaii better?

  • The Kusumotos, of course. Whether they like it or not, we consider them part of our family. They can't get rid of us. Rick and I have known each other since the beginning. Our parents were great friends from college so we ended up spending a lot of time together growing up. And the tradition continu[...]
  • Callie & Will.

  • Not only are these two so cute, but they also have great personalities. It's amazing how quickly kids change. The last time I saw Will, he was so shy and quiet (at least around me). This time...a totally different kid. Watch out everyone, he found his funny side!
  • Fisher Family.

  • A fun day was had with the KVI-AM team from Fisher Broadcasting. With the switch from Talk to Oldies, KVI needed to get updated head shots in time for their launch and upcoming marketing efforts. Since entertaining people is what they do, it was no surprise that everyone was full of personality (and[...]