Monthly archives:December 2010

  • Fean Fun.

  • So much to say, so little room... In early December, we were lucky enough to have our old neighbors Jon and Robyn back in town for a visit.  Not only are they great friends, but these two really do complement each other well. It's quite amazing. My kids love them and that's a good thing, because th[...]
  • The Fab Five.

  • I had a great Fall outing with the Cousins Family. It's always fun to meet new families - especially a family with three little boys.  Full of adventure and smiles, they led me on a beautiful journey through the Sculpture Park. A great day was had by all!
  • The Fee Family.

  • Grandpa Fee was in town, so we all headed out during Seattle's first snow of the year. Like any celebrity, he waited in his warm van until his call time.  A great character, he had an easy time making us all laugh.
  • I love skinny jeans.

  • Maybe I should clarify. I love skinny jeans on 8 month old Keira. She is one stylish little girl. And her brother Noah did a great job looking after her, and  loved exploring all of the different trails.