Monthly archives:November 2010

  • Two peas in a pod.

  • In early November I met little Ryan and Kenji at their grandma's house. These two cousins are just over a year old, and are always on the move. But who can blame them, their grandma has set up a play area full of activities and toys just for them. Needless to say, these boys are surrounded by fun an[...]
  • Little Sabine.

  • I am so happy to have had the opportunity to photograph Sabine and her parents. Sabine is full of smiles and was especially cute in her outfit that her grandma made for her. And who doesn't love the lovable baby accessory...tights!
  • She's back.

  • It's been two months since you've seen Harper. I last visited her when she was just five days old and so much has happened since then. Harper is now smiling, she discovered that she has hands(!), and she can now sit on her own. Okay, maybe not. Her mom helped her out a bit in this first shot. I am l[...]
  • Pre-func.

  • Ella was getting ready to head out to a birthday party and I somehow convinced her to take a few pictures before she left. I appreciate each and every opportunity because I know it's just a matter of time where she'll be running out the door with her friends -  car keys in hand.
  • Fall fun (and great hair).

  • We lucked out with a beautiful fall morning and I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the Fall colors with Ruby & Adam.  Cute and curious, Ruby is a great big sister to her easy going brother. And don't you think Ruby has great hair? Wish mine would do that.